Be ahead of time and be future-ready.

Our AI products and services help you overcome some toughest challenges without technical knowledge. We cater to businesses of all sizes, surveillance industry, government organizations, educational institutions, etc.

Why Us?

Like you, we were searching for a feeling of fulfilment in life. And nothing is more rewarding than designing a solution to a complex problem all by yourself from the start. We believe in the idea of ‘ do it yourself ‘.

In 2015, we started as a camera manufacturing company that offered easy-to-install cameras to users. Eventually, ‘Do it yourself‘ cameras – DIYCAM came into existence.

Changing The Way You Think About AI

With us, AI seems seamless and simple for everyone.

No coding knowledge required

Create, configure, and deploy AI solutions without a single line of code

Simple to use

Through a simple user interface, with a few clicks, drags & drops, implement AI solutions

Create, use, deploy & integrate

Create your models, and easily deploy with IoT, software applications, etc.

No need for a technical person

Make your organization AI-ready, without any technical expertise and coding.

Customizable models

Customize the AI solutions with a few clicks by yourself based on your requirements

No language barrier

Our products are available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, English, Arabic and Japanese

Connecting Everything



Create an AI model of your own in 4 simple steps. Modify the training parameters in the developer model and train the existing models to improve model accuracy. Then play the model and deploy it on edge devices and cameras.


Based on your requirement, apply logic to the model and create a use-case/application. Develop applications like person trespassing, object counting, and so on. Then publish the use-case/application on the marketplace


Directly drag the use-case/ application from the marketplace and drop it on the required hardware/cameras. Receive real-time alerts, analytics, notifications, IoT action triggers, and third-party software integration.


All You Need Is A Vision To Solve A Problem

BFSI (Banking Finance Security Insurance)

We can deploy a weapon detection model for human safety and asset safety. And generate real-time alerts to the respected security authorities. We can reduce the threat to banks’ safety by detecting suspicious activity.


Medical professionals can use AI models like malaria detection and pneumonia detection for faster and more effective diagnosis. Medical professionals can save time for more critical issues.



Tons of valuable resources can be conserved using the weed detection model for precise spraying of pesticides. Such solutions will improve soil health and save the monetary resources of the farmers. Cattle counting and monitoring are also possible using our services and products.


It is possible to create customized military solutions without compromising data privacy. Use cases like trespassing and landmine detection can prove valuable for the security of the life-saving forces.



The performance of the enterprise can improve by using models like quality inspection and inventory management. The safety of the workforce using a personal protective kit detection model will ensure the social security of workers.

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